Are seed oils bad for you

We totally get nutrition can be confusing. With the rise of social media and health and wellness 'influencers' we have seen a meeoric rise of misinformation. Having a large following often give the impression that these people are qualified to give details on a specific topic but that is generally not the case.

We're not here to attack those with different view points but to educate and encourage critical thinking. Sunflower oil (a type of seed oil) has been one of the major targets of misinformation over the years and we're here to set the record straight.

Our team who are headlines by a Sports Nutritionist are constantly busy compiling information from reputable sources to showcase the safety and health benefits of our ingredients. We look specifically for those that are qualified to talk about nutrition and are people who have done formal training in the nutirion space. We prioritize knowledge, qualifications and sound science over how many followers they may have on social media. Ie a Professor of Nutrition at Harvard (one of the world's most reputable universities) is more qualified to comment on nutrition than 'that guy/girl' form instagram.

Please see below some short articles and also longer deep dives on the current nutritional science around seed oil from what we deem to be extremely qualified persons.

Harvard Medical: Guy Crosby (Associate Professor of Nutrition at one of the most reputable insitutions on the planet) Read article

Master of Science and Human Nutition: Simon Hill
Watch video

MSc & PhD in Nutrition from University of Surrey: Dr Alan Flanagan
Read article

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