This Small Company is Challenging The Cereal Industry With a Product That Sold Out in Its First Month

New Australian cereal company giving you a taste of your childhood favourites without all the junk. This high protein, low sugar and gluten-free cereal will help power your day in the most convenient way possible.

by Sarah Morrison, July 20, 2023

Cereal industry giants were missing something...

Geoff Goddard, a sports nutritionist and personal trainer of over a decade, saw his clients training consistently but struggling to hit their physique and health goals due to poor nutritional choices. The boiled eggs and tuna cans were mundane and just plain boring for the average gymgoer.

Traditional cereals just simply weren’t ticking the boxes - hence why the majority of people gave up cereal years ago. Full of sugar with almost non-existent protein content, cereals were often entirely avoided or had to be mixed with multiple foods to improve their nutrition.

The ‘better for you’ cereal options available here in Australia were also missing the mark. The rare ones that did contain protein were not only packed with sugar but were wheat protein based. This is a far inferior quality of protein when compared to milk-based proteins.

After nearly two years of tinkering behind the scenes with a group of food technologists, a high-protein cereal was born. One that would revolutionize the snack game and challenge the industry giants' status quo.

Feeling sluggish & bloated after traditional cereal  

Epic Crunch combines the benefits of a high protein, low sugar and gluten-free cereal that’s high in fibre and brings back those nostalgic feels of your childhood favourites. Using the highest quality milk protein sourced right here in Australia and premium all-natural flavourings - there is literally nothing else like it in the market. Within seconds you can have a delicious, nutritious bowl of goodness.

Customers love Epic Crunch so much… it sold out in its first month!

When Geoff and his team first launched Epic Crunch, they couldn’t have forecasted the crazy demand for their product - causing them to sell out in their first month.

Due to this unprecedented demand and many people purchasing both flavours at once, the team at Epic Crunch decided to offer:

Limited Time Bundles... that can save cusomers up to $20!
Buy 2 cases & save $10, Buy 3 cases & save $20

This promotion will surely be appreciated by Epic Crunch fans but will likely make the current batch sell out even quicker than the previous nes - especially as customers' ord of mouth got influencers, bloggers and journalists falling in love with Epic Crunch too:

Limited Time Bundles... that can save cusomers up to $20!
Buy 2 cases & save $10, Buy 3 cases & save $20

How Epic Crunch is Changing the Cereal Game

Epic Crunch tackles 3 major health issues simultaneously - probably why customers can’t get enough of it!

The Challenge

Epic Crunch Cereal

• Virtually zero protein
Cheap, low-quality protein

• 12g of protein per serve
• High quality whey protein

• full of sugary junk
Sluggish after

• less than 2g per serve
• Powers your day without crash

• lacked in nutrition
• Better cereals taste like cardboard

• Tastes great & nutritious
• No weird aftertaste

• Cause digestive issues for many

• 100% gluten-free equals bloat-free

Can cereal be THIS delicious… and Healthy?

Epic Crunch has hundreds of reviews from happy customers in just its first few months in operation. These keep flowing in every week! That makes some people wonder if a healthy cereal can actually taste this good.

🦘 Epic Crunch is 100% Australian Owned
😋 It’s naturally sweetened
🌱 It’s GMO-free
💪 It’s nutritionist backed

Loved by Australians

People of all different ages and health goals are loving Epic Crunch:

Get It While You Still Can

The second batch of Epic Crunch has been released and the word is out in the healthy living community. People are spreading the news about Limited Time Bundles and stock has become limited.

Epic Crunch is produced in small batches from ingredients sourced from right here in Australia. With the current economic climate ingredients are becoming more and more difficult to source, which means once the current stock runs out… it may be months before the cereal is available again.

Take advantage of the promotion they are having and save up to $20 with Limited Time Bundles. It’s time to pimp your snack game and elevate your health and physique goals!

For a limited time, you can SAVE UP TO $20 when you purchase a bundle of Epic Crunch

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